How to Send Emails/Campaigns

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This article describes how to send emails.

Tip 1: Add domains on the domain on ‘sending domain’ tab to make sure replies on the campaigns go to your emails on ‘reply section’ when setting up campaigns.

Step 1

Sign up and log in. Don’t forget to activate your account. Check your email.

Step 2

Head over to the list tab and click create list.

Step 3

Why we ask about your address and contact details? Read about spam laws here.

It is important when sending your emails, identify your emails.

Also you can turn off “Double Opt-in”

Add subscribers

Copy code to collect subscribers from landing page or website. Click on the drop down menu.

You can change color or reduce or reduce fields. You can use third party integration like popups to create pop ups and more.

Once you have subscribers you are ready to go.

Step 4

Head over to ‘Campaigns’

Choose Regular always. Plain Text to subscribers who don’t need to unsubscribe(has less optimization tools).

If you are unable find the appropriate list wait a minute and refresh.

Then Save and Next.

The next section is crucial. Make sure your follow for best results.

Your domain will appear here. Just type the name and select the domain.

Name your campaign for example “First Campaign”. You can change your “Email subject”, “From Name” and “From email” for example or for best results (

DO NOT choose “Use Sending Servers’s Default Value”.

As for the “Reply to” choose your own domain. If you can’t see it add your domain in the sending domains sections.

NOTE: You do not need to verify your domains. We have made it simple. You can only use one which is ours which guarantees best results possible.


If you have more questions don’t forget to use the live chat feature.

Start Sending!

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